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Summer Fun

Take advantage of summer fun and let it restore your marriage. Plan for relaxing the usual routine in the house and let yourself relax into the warmth and play of summer days. If you are working through the summer, come home and change into play clothes immediately. Changing clothes helps to transition into a different space psychologically. Eat out on your patio or grass, spend time in nature. Being present to what you are doing is so important to your restoration. Leave your stress and worries, leave the past and focus on the present beauty of today. Focus on being together, the love you share and find gratitude for each other and your relationship life together. Go forth and be wonderful today.

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The Balcony People for your Partnership

Who are the people who lift you up when you are down about your relationship and life? They are the ones who reassure you this is just a season in your relationship life. They say that others have been there and worked it through. They tell you to have patience. They notice that the other is trying. They notice that you are trying. They tell you that they have faith in your relationship. They tell you that they have faith in you and your partner to have the necessary strengths to make it all work. They remind you of the good times and help you to focus on those. They give you hope for the future. They take you out and make you smile. Cultivate these people in your life. You and your relationship need them!

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The Deeper Aspects of a Loving Partnership

When you think of couples in a deeply committed, loving partnership, there is something very profound about being in their presence. Respect is something that is at the core of their coupleship. They seem to draw from one another in a wonderful seemless way. In many ways, they unite together and you see them as a kind of ‘two shall be one’ way. When in their company, you notice their acts of kindness and giving to one another. You notice their automatic gratitude to one another. I love to be in the presence of these couples – it gives me hope for people and for families. If this is not where you are and you are attracted to this depth of love in relationships – consider some growth counselling to help yourself to get there!

God can only be fully revealed as these two halves respect, draw from, unite, and give to one another.  The two being one are “it”!

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