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Hope as a Choice in Relationships

It is great to reflect on the goodness of the Christmas season in the midst of its challenges. For many people in the world, this Sunday is the first in the celebration of the season and a candle is lit for the hope it represents. We know from research that hope is paramount to living well and flourishing in our lives. I love this quote from Albert Einstein. This is such a perfect quote for couple relationships where we sometimes want to get stuck in reliving the past. Einstein said, ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow’.

From hope research (hope research has a lot in common with resilience research as well) we know:
Hope is about future mindedness.
Hope is about optimism.
Hope trusts in God or a higher power. The Bible is, of course, filled with quotes about hope that psychology also finds to be true. Here is one, ‘you would be secure because there is hope’ Job 11:18. Tons more here – just put in the word hope in the search button¬†www.biblestudytools.com
Hope wants to find paths and solutions to your challenges.
Hope doesn’t allow hopelessness from short-term thinking to move into discouragement about your relationship and feelings of giving up. Hope takes the long view – looks at relationships as a journey.
Hope helps you to keep moving towards your goals and your life purpose, individually and as a couple, even when facing setbacks (like a recent argument).
If you are discouraged about your relationship right now and are thinking of all the ‘can’t’s’ in your life, hope would have you change that into ‘how’. Not thoughts like, we can’t seem to get it together, but how can I do something positive this day to make a change in my relationship? How can I be a better partner? Even if life is sending you garbage, as it sometimes does, you can be creative and find a way to be wonderful. I love this video as an example of that. Can you imagine the thinking outside of the box, the perserverance, and the hope that it took to make this orchestra happen? Take the time to view it.¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJrSUHK9Luw&sns=em
I HOPE you are encouraged by this. Go forth and be wonderful in your relationship today!

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The Balcony People for your Partnership

Who are the people who lift you up when you are down about your relationship and life? They are the ones who reassure you this is just a season in your relationship life. They say that others have been there and worked it through. They tell you to have patience. They notice that the other is trying. They notice that you are trying. They tell you that they have faith in your relationship. They tell you that they have faith in you and your partner to have the necessary strengths to make it all work. They remind you of the good times and help you to focus on those. They give you hope for the future. They take you out and make you smile. Cultivate these people in your life. You and your relationship need them!

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