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Fathers Day

Today is the day that we think about and celebrate Fathers. The role of fathering has changed in the past 30 years. Part of this is the fact that woman now work outside their home and the other is that marriages break down more often and fathers are faced with care taking their children in ways they have not experienced before in their 50/50 custody and care taking agreements. I am often coaching fathers in these situations to help them see the part of the picture that their partner used to assume. These can be challenging times and need to be a reason to make your marriage work as a dad. It is important in your relationship to negotiate your mom and dad roles together as the kids needs and your needs change. If you are the type of person that has certain expectations regarding parenting, you will need to work extra hard at letting go when your partner does their role from their gifts and personality and not yours. Criticism and contempt shoot holes in relationships and lead to the dissolution of relationships. Working at acceptance of the other as well as accepting influence from the other is an ongoing theme in successful relationships and fathering.

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The Balcony People for your Partnership

Who are the people who lift you up when you are down about your relationship and life? They are the ones who reassure you this is just a season in your relationship life. They say that others have been there and worked it through. They tell you to have patience. They notice that the other is trying. They notice that you are trying. They tell you that they have faith in your relationship. They tell you that they have faith in you and your partner to have the necessary strengths to make it all work. They remind you of the good times and help you to focus on those. They give you hope for the future. They take you out and make you smile. Cultivate these people in your life. You and your relationship need them!

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