Why A Blog?

I hope you will experience some possible benefits in being a part of this blog. It is a way for people to become connected and stimulated towards quality in their relationships. It is a way of encouraging people to become educated in the art of committed relationships. It is a place for me to share my therapeutic experience on committed relationships and a way for me to help others to strengthen their marital relationships (one of my favourite things). It is also a way for me to connect you with resources that are helpful. The information is not to be used as diagnostic or in place of seeing a professional in person when you or your relationship is highly distressed.

Feel free to comment on anything that I post on this blog. If you click on the blue square a window will open and you will be able to post a comment. You may be posting personal information so feel free to use either your name or a pseudonym. You will need to enter a name and your email address and then make your comments in the box. Enjoy!

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