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Gift suggestions

In my family we are looking at gift lists for Christmas 2018. I just got one today. You might look at this list of meaningful gifts that will open your heart to being a better partner!

Christmas Gift suggestions:

To your Partner: renewed commitment to love well.    
To a Child: Good modelling
To a Friend – your heart
To your Enemy – forgiveness
To God – gratitude
To Yourself- respect

Today’s Challenge:

How can you show a renewed commitment to loving your partner? What actions will show this? How will you feel differently because of these actions?

How can you be a good example this day for your child or another (Teach, have more patience, be a good model, love well)? How will you feel after taking action?

How can you show your heart in words or actions to a friend (send a supportive text, buy a small gift that says you were thinking of them – take some time to connect with where they are in their life)? How will you feel after taking these actions?

Who do you need to forgive and let go of the baggage of 2018 as we move into 2019? Look at a previous blog about forgiveness and how to let go well. How will you feel when you have forgiven?

How can you put the habit of gratitude in your life in 2018 and moving forward into 2019? How do you feel when you are grateful?

How can you respect yourself (self care, more sleep time, meeting your goals…). How will you make the change in your calendar to do this self care? How will you feel when you do this?

Enjoy this exercise. Go forth and be wonderful!

Couple Care and Self Care for the Season

Take some moments each day together. Light a scented candle, and give a small gift to each other of a foot massage, a back rub, or a face to face listen of how things are going. Let the other sleep in, take a chore off their list. Have a glass of wine, an eggnog, or a cup of christmas tea, each of which acknowledges the specialness of the season. Take the time to acknowledge the specialness of each other and you as a couple. Watch out for the joy that the little things bring in this season. Appreciate what brings your partner joy and is important to them in  the season. Be glad with them, even though you may not share the same things that bring him or her joy. Take note of what you want to remember as special for this season. Go forth and be wonderful – I am cheering you on!

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