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Your Words for the Year 2013

More about the new year… I have been doing some business planning and one of the exercises that was required was to look for a word or words that might represent what I want for the new year. Sometimes you will need to be thoughtful about the chosen word and sometimes in a series of circumstances as you look over the past year, the word seems to choose you. As a couple, this can also be a great exercise. Look for a wild word, one that will move you as a couple beyond your boundaries and expectations and will call you to a place of energy and passion together, to a relationship that keeps you growing in love. Or you might come up with a word separately and see how the words fit together. You might find that you make a delicious peanut butter cup together with some yummy chocolate on the outside and some yummy peanut butter in the centre. Write a paragraph that combines the words, see the strengths in that and let that be at least a part of your vision for the future of the new year.