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The Importance of Marriage and Family Traditions

It turns out that keeping up your traditions is an important part of family and personal mental health. The research shows over and over that traditions are statistically linked to family strengths and family satisfaction. Family traditions help to span and unite generations. They have the byproduct of families gaining greater feelings of closeness, belonging and connections. Family traditions help to preserve the family story. Strong families tend to create even more traditions. Traditions are helpful when things are not going well and when there are things to celebrate. They form a sense of security. When things are not going well (I have lost my job, for instance) the stability of traditions create a place of security and say that not everything is going wrong, I still have my family. It is good to remember all these qualities of resilience that grow from family traditions. When you think about how you react to Christmas family traditions, and the many benefits of family traditions, have you been valuing your family traditions the way you would want to? Your family traditions and your response to them need to reflect where your heart is.go forth and be wonderful – I am cheering you on!

Date Nights in Marriage

This is one of the most important things a couple can do to create a healthy relationship. No, it doesn’t count when you take your children or have a couples night out. This is a time to renew and create ¬†your coupleship, your friendship. Marriages are not a fairy tale where the prince kisses the princes and they live happily ever after. Especially in our day and age. They take some time and effort. It is hard to balance our lives with work and kids and health and all the rest of what we might do, but signing on for marriage means that it takes a top priority. When each of you hold the relationship in top priority it helps to build and sustain the trust in your relationship, which in turn keeps the foundation of your relationship firm. Make this a sacred marriage tradition. Go forth and be wonderful in this!

Marriage Traditions

As we come to July 1st in Canada and July 4th in the US we are reminded of the importance of traditions. In many families today, traditions are a things of the past. You may have fond memories of your childhood history, “remember when we…” but have had difficulty in doing that in your own generation with your own family. Of course, remarriage can be a block to this as many other things in our culture at this time can be. However, research would say that building experiences and fond memories in your relationship, both as a couple and as a family is an important part of living in a healthy way. It is never too late to start a tradition and the coming holiday weekend might provide a way for you to begin soon.Go forth and be wonderful!

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