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Creating Meaning for Yourself

I often see some great guys who are at a certain time in their lives where they feel as if they are overwhelmed by their jobs, their relationships, have little hope for the condition of the world and have basically lost their sense of self and certainly their energy and passion for life. When we are at that place in our lives, it is hard for us and our partners to manage this level of hopelessness. It certainly can come out in more then sadness and a deep tiredness, but sometimes also irritation in our relationships. One of the first things we do together is to look at the roles in their lives that are important to them. Often in their description, there will be a smile. Looking at what you can do (small steps, one – for this week) to make that role more satisfying helps to begin the road back to meaning. Reading a good research based self help book can get you on the road to recovery. Focussing on gratitude every day, having a moratorium on the news for a few months (honestly, the wars, the gangs, the murders, the injustices and failures of humanity – they will all be there when you return) are also helpful in moving your focus to more positive and meaningful moments in your life. Let the joy of others infect you. The laughter of your partner, or the energetic passion of your child. Live these moments with fresh eyes, let yourself move towards celebration. If you are still finding life challenging, a mental health professional, a spiritual mentor or a coach can certainly be helpful. Start today and go forth and be wonderful!