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Remarriage Challenges

I was a part of a huge study as a researcher at the University of British Columbia on Blended FamiliesStep. Remarriages have the challenges of a first marriage as well as added complications. For instance, another set of adults who may be quite conflicted as well as the scheduling and relationship issues of children going back and forth. During certain periods of time in the life of the kids and the second relationship, there is a great deal of stress and it takes a very deliberate effort on the part of a couples to make it all work. You don’t have to be a statistic but don’t take the statistic lightly that reports that second marriages have a poorer chance of staying together. Making a healthy relationship your top priority and focussing a part of your time and effort on your relationship is what it takes. Having some respite by having the kids looked after by others for some weekend getaway time is really necessary for rejuvenating the relationship and cementing your attachment again. Whatever it takes in trading kids or asking relatives is worth it. You can do this. Go forth and be wonderful!