Letting Go to Create More Joy in Your Relationship with Your Life and Your Partner

Fall brings to mind letting go. The leaves are turning a glorious colour and the trees are letting go as the temperatures are getting cooler. It is a good time for us to evaluate what beliefs, mindsets or habits that we might need to let go of in order to live more connected and happier lives. Joy is such an important emotion in our lives and it is one that we can choose. We often get into difficulties with our patterns in life. When this occurs, we have a negative response in our lives and then we follow with a negative disconnecting behavior. You know the responses that you would like to change in your life. When I did this exercise this fall, I found that I needed to let go of my resistance to the work of attaining a goal that I really want and value. This was not obvious to me and it came to me as I was mediating, praying and doing a mandala drawing. To let go, we need to look below at what beliefs might be driving those responses (for instance what belief was driving my resistance?) and keeping you and I from joy. Increasingly we know that positive emotions impact our health and every part of our lives. Fall is a great time to make room for new thoughts and beliefs that allow for new behavior patterns and new emotions such as joy to be a part of our lives.

There might be an activity in your life that takes your time and energy and sucks the life blood from you and although it served you well before, it might be time to let it go. This can be hard. I find letting go of things that I have enjoyed in the past but are not good for today more difficult then some of my friends who do this more easily. Look at all the parts of your life and what takes your time and energy. Is it still a good idea to continue or is it time to make a change and use your energy elsewhere? Talking this out with your partner is often helpful and of course, necessary when it includes their lives too. Sometimes it takes time for you and your partner to come together on a decision to let go that involves both of you. Don’t try to come to a decision quickly. Let there be discussion, listening and understanding. Do this over time until you can come together on your decision. Your readiness may not match and your partner may need more time. Remeber the value of letting go allows us to put something else (a positive emotion or maybe a great new opportunity!) in its place. Live life fully by allowing letting go to make room for positive and life giving new moments.

Posted by Lynda in Healthier Marriages