Relationship Lessons from the Season of Easter

Happy Easter everyone!
I love this time of year where I live. The season really lives up to the meaning of Easter and rebirth. I got out my linen wear and am no longer going to wear the heavy black of winter. The Hyacinths that are in my kitchen are giving off their rich scent of life, helping to create an atmosphere of gratitude. It is good. There are many possible positive influences of this season for your relationship.
For instance, as I saw couples recently, there was a real need for rebirth in their relationships, both from a hope perspective and a change perspective. If this describes you, consider embracing the needed change. Consider it a gift of being in your particular relationship. Celebrate it. Decide to focus on hope, knowing that you are in control of how hopeful you feel. Consider the rich scents of the budding and blooming flowers and the fresh scent of growing grasses when you step outside in the springtime. What kind of a relationship atmosphere do you contribute to? Are you able to let go of the small stuff and give up your control issues for the richness of an environment of love? We were looking at the consequences of sacrificial love (another theme of Easter) when the timing for change is not at hand. Or the consequences of anger when we realize that the timing for change is not right now. Doing something out of love creates the environment inside and outside that we crave. Celebrate when you are able to choose something out of sacrificial love.
As I get older, I realize that the seasons are important symbols of what we need in our lives at various times. Spring is a time of planting and enjoying the fruits of last year’s labour when the bulbs come up beautifully and without much effort. What can you see in your relationship that you have been working on for a season of time that is now going more smoothly and giving you some contentment. Look at how far you have come together. Celebrate that! Look at some great things that have come out of your relationship. Maybe someone else has benefitted from your struggles and your commitment through thick and thin. Maybe you have grown some great kids together or built a home together. Celebrate your family and children. This season is a time to celebrate as well as look for ways you can rebirth your relationship! What do you need to commit to this Easter? Talk to your partner about what you might like to change and ask for his or her encouragement. Go forth and be wonderful!