Happy Love Celebration Day

Happy Love Celebration Day!

Some couples I know actually think that because they have made the commitment to marriage and said “I do”, that is all that is required. What else in life in life is there that is living and breathing and does not need constant nurturing? Even our cars need tune-ups and new tires, taking our time, energy and finances. The thoughts and actions it takes to make a love celebration changes us inside for the better and in turn our love relationship! Who would not want that? There are also the nay-sayers to every holiday celebration opportunity who say, bah – humbug – it is just a bunch of commercialism. Yikes! I say who would not want to take the opportunity to celebrate and confirm the love they share with their partner and create some romantic 2014 memories together? You do not even have to go to the store. Your gift could be of time (creating some time-for coupons), a home-made card or a ‘specially made’ meal etc.

Do not be the kind of person that robotically goes to the drugstore the night before Valentine’s Day or even on the actual day of and buys a card and chocolates in less then 5 minutes. That kind of action does buy into the commercialism of Valentines Day and makes no change on the inside of you. Go outside of your regular comfort zone. Take some time to value your relationship. Write a note about what you do value about the other person, what you are truly grateful for. Give your partner a gift that is an expression of ‘knowing’ them. What is it that they have been saying to you that they would love? Put that on a coupon and resolve to do that very thing in a timely manner – in fact a date to be completed should be on that coupon.

Spend some time thinking about your history in a positive way. Tell your partner you would marry them all over again. Tell your partner that you are going to stick to them like super-glue! Tell your partner you believe in them. Wake up on Valentine’s morning and ask your partner if they will be your Valentine? Get a picture of yourself and write on the picture to him – your number one fan! and put it in a frame. Use corny little sayings, such as giving her some bubble bath and telling her a day without her would burst your bubble. Go to your special place on Valentine’s Day. Be sure and keep the lights down low and have some candles burning on your special love celebration day.

Be sure and leave some time to talk on Valentines Day. Remember that your role will be to listen to your partner and not ‘solve’ a problem today. If something negative comes up, listen, empathize and right then schedule a time to talk together and resolve the issue. Doing less will give your valentine the impression you are avoiding or not understanding the importance of their issue. Valentine’s Day is not a day to resolve a negative issue. It is about romance and the softer side of life. I could go on and will starting February 15th in a live audio webinar. ‘See’ you there if this is an area of your relationship life that holds some unmet longings and needs some work. Follow this link for more information. Could be a part of a loverly Valentine gift.

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