Spring – a Time of Recommitment

Spring represents new life and rebirth. If your commitment together was a long time ago, this spring might be an excellent time to consider a new recommitment between your partner and yourself. Imagine the meaning of being chosen by your partner once again! Use a date night in the next 2 weeks to do this. Talk to your partner about how you might make this recommitment ritual meaningful for both of you. Some people find that rewriting their vows makes a big difference in their thinking and being in the relationship. Sometimes it is good to have a symbol that helps to renew your commitment to your relationship.

One idea is to buy a small tree and plant it in your garden or a pot on your balcony. Take care of the plant together, noticing the changes and growth that occurs as you water and fertilize it and it gets exposed to the sunlight. Write a list of things that help your relationship to grow. What is represented by the elements of water, of fertilizer, of sunlight in your relationship?

Some couples like to keep this ritual private and others do not. Consider how it might affect your children if they knew that you were recommitting yourself to each other. Consider how you would feel if you let other couples who are your closest friends know of your recommitment. Or, how would you feel if they told you they were recommitting to each other. We live in community and are affected by one another. Your increase in attachment makes a positive difference to your community whether you choose to share or not to share your recommitment. Go forth and be wonderful in this!