Will You have Courage in your Relationship this Year?

This year consider using more courage in your life and partnership relationship. Become more open in your relationship, more vulnerable. In letting go of your self protection, might you get hurt? Oh yes. In openness, the light also shines in. You are open to experiencing anew and learning about how your partner is thinking. In this vulnerability, you will be helped with acceptance. When you are unable to be courageous, you will often find yourself being closed and rigid – do you recognize that in yourself? In your courageous openness you can afford to be curious about this person that you are committed to instead of having them in a closed box where they cannot grow and be their best with you. In your courageous openness, there is room for your partner to come in to you, to come towards the relationship. You create more safety in your courageous openness. You will often become more lovable to your partner in your openness and vulnerability. So much – yet still the risk of hurt. Can you use what courage you have and make the leap, make the shift? Go forth and be wonderful today!