Protest Relationship Brokenness by Adding Beauty

If you find that you are stuck in the past in your relationship, where anything your partner does reminds you of a past hurt, this blog might be helpful to you. Other then resolution and forgiveness which we have visited before on this blog, you can also take some action towards beauty in your relationship. If you continue to live in the brokenness of the relationship, it becomes difficult for you to move through the past. As a way to protest the brokenness and renew your relationship, focus on creating beauty each and every day. Every reader will have their own way of creating beauty in the relationship. Don’t make it dependent on your partner – this is something you can do for your own well being. However, if you both want to make this a team effort, it would go a long way to firm your attachment to each other in a positive way. You are making beautiful memories that you can also choose to go back to. Your brain loves it when you focus on beauty. Today I awoke to a beautiful sunrise and recognized the feeling of awe and expansiveness. I still carry that with me as I write this. Enjoy your journey of beauty as you move through your relationship.