How to Cross the Great Divide in Relationships

Sometimes couples who see me are so very far apart and they have no idea how to cross this great divide. How can we even hold hands or touch or hug again? they say. The road back can have its initial bumps but it smooths out pretty quickly. Healthy touch is important to human beings, after all! Begin with a commitment on your part to persevere in your behaviour towards a more loving relationship  and  a conversation where you let your partner know that YOU would like to try and change towards a more loving relationship. Starting points are then often about your partner’s language of love (Chapman, 5 Languages of Love). What gestures touch your partner’s heart the most? Begin there. Allow yourself to fail and fumble as you make the changes necessary to meet the deep desires of your heart. Remember that feelings are great followers of actions and thoughts. Make sure that you are focussing on your commitment and love for your partner as you move towards each other because as I often remind you, where you focus gets amplified. Go forth and be wonderful this day!

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