Happier New Year – Healthier Attitudes in Relationship

Wishing all of my loyal community a Happy New Year! I trust that you are filled with hope and expectations for your relationship in the year 2013. Looking at becoming a great partner means looking at your general attitudes about life. Are you generally optimistic about your life? We are not talking about the state of the world or other parts of life that we cannot necessarily influence or control at this moment but all of our life that we have been given influence and choice over. That includes our attitude every day. You influence your partner’s biology for good or for bad when you walk together in your home, and in all your life journey together.  Remember that marriages that are working well are having 5 positive transactions compared to 1 negative transaction and those who are heading for the divorce court are the opposite (Gottman). I encourage you to welcome this new year, expecting it to be full of things that you have never lived before. Be open to what might be coming in its shiny moments and in its challenges. Imagine yourself as a couple, living the year as a great team. Make small incremental changes in your move from a negative attitude to a positive attitude. Enjoy the energy that results from a positive attitude. It is one of the things in life that you actually can control – make good use of that choice. Go forth in 2013 and be wonderful!