Making the Season Joyful – Your Partner will be Grateful

Making the season joyful

Put your grumpy mind set away. Look at ways you might be different in the  season’s celebrations. Do you sit quietly and not interact with your partner’s relatives. Make a change in that. It is not about you (even though you are convinced that at least one relative is a few bricks short of a load) – find out what is going on in their lives. Show an interest. Prepare ahead for conversation starters, if you need to. Drawing others out is a whole lot  better for you personally, then sitting and suffering in silence. Most important is to decide that this year the season will hold many joys for you and then look out for them every day. Determine that the challenges will not dominate your season. Your change will be noticed by your partner and he/she will be grateful. The next published article will tell you some reasons why the celebrations are so important. Go forth with this and be wonderful – I am cheering you on!

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