Making Plans for the Season; Be a Team for the Season’s Celebrations

Making plans: Be a team for Christmas Celebrations

How do you want your Christmas season to go? The season is a time of memory making and therefore can be more important then other times of the year. There are often many demands on us as couples for the Christmas season. And often we might not agree with how the season might be best celebrated. The introverts might want quite a bit of space for quiet in the holidays while the more extroverted might want quite a bit of entertaining and people involved in the holidays. Look at your must do’s, then find a way for each of you to experience some time in the season that looks like what you might like the time to be.   I find that for some couples, they feel they are alone in the planning and execution of the season’s festivities. Make sure that you are making this a team effort all around and that you are doing it with an open heart. Cherish that which brings joy to the other. Go forth and be wonderful – I am cheering you on!