Create Your Seasonal ‘To Do’ List Together

Make your list together

There is often so much to be done at the Christmas season. As in other times of the year, you each need to feel you are on the same team. If you are one of those people who over function in your relationships and under-function in your self responsibility, this is the season for positive change. Together, write of list of what needs to be done and the date that it needs to be done by (don’t forget this important part) and then share the responsibility for getting each item on the list done. Volunteer for items and make sure you program your iphone or facsimile with the date and item to be done so that you can fulfill your responsibility with trustworthiness for the team. This allows both of you to know that this is a team effort and that one of you is not exhausted by Christmas and resenting the other. There is nothing worse for a season that focuses on love. Go forth and be wonderful – I am cheering you on!