Restorative Sleep Helps to Have a Healthy Relationship

Trying to do it all, including having a great relationship in our culture can be difficult. There are many impacts in our daily lives that pull at our emotional energy, leaving us less then prepared for the emotional demands of our relationships. One of the best things to help restore emotional energy is to have restorative sleep. Many studies show that North Americans suffer from too little sleep in this day and age. Taking responsibility for our own restorative sleep is important to our relationship.

Consider teaching yourself to sleep once more. Remind yourself that your bed is for sleeping and not for planning and worrying. Alternative health suggests rubbing your ears for 20 minutes before sleep. There is also research to suggest that taking a pure form of melatonin will also help with sleep. Of course, eating well (not late), not over drinking and exercising is also helpful to sleep. Making love before sleep also helps to have a restorative sleep. Napping, very specific amounts of time, can also be helpful for restorative sleep. If this is a difficulty for you, where will you start to make a change? Go forth and be wonderful in this – you will feel differently and look at yourself, your world and your relationship differently too!

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