Relationship Power in Healthy Marriages

Balancing the power and voice in relationships is not necessarily easy. There are personality differences in using our voice. Also feeling powerless in one area of life can make one want to compensate for this sense of powerlessness in their intimate relationship. An unbalanced relationship eventually leads to unhappiness in the relationship. It is one of the complaints that I hear often when at least one partner has their foot out the door of the relationship. One of the ways to change the imbalance once you have recognized it, is to notice how you look at your partner. Is there an element of power struggle between you that has you speaking to each other in a win/lose way? Changing your vision of your partner to someone who you respect and has an equal and different offering in the relationship is your first step. Once your vision has changed, then look at how you speak to your partner and how you listen to your partner. Is that language and hearing one of an equal partner? All of us have experienced the pain of being in a relationship with a loved one where you cannot be heard. It automatically creates distance even when you would not want that to happen. Stay in the present moment and in this relationship when relating to your partner. Make sure your needs are each being heard and attended to. Your best solutions are those that take into account the relationship needs as well as each partner’s need. A great partner really wants to have his/her partner to experience a healthy sense of self in the relationship as well as developing their own sense of self in the relationship. Go forth and be wonderful in your relationship today!

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