Challenges with being Romantic?

In my private practice, I get both males and females who have difficulty with the concept of being romantic. What is the definition of romantic? It is like a language of love. If we think of our partnership relationship as a garden, it helps to water and sustain the garden. Romance is really about the little things in life, more then the extravagances. Sending funny little emails, home made cards, funny greeting cards, planning get-aways from the kids, booking a massage for 2, love letters, your creativity is the only limit. And if you feel your lack of creativity is the challenge, keep tuned to this blog as we will come back to romance often as a way to strengthen your relationship before the stressors of the holidays. Why be romantic? It softens the harsher parts of life, it improves the quality of your life, your ability to play, your ability to give to another, enhances your attachment together and tweeks your ability to sustain some cognitive room for your relationship amid the many competing forces for head space in your life.

This week, make a romantic dinner and have your favourite oldies taped and the candles on the table. Cooking not your best thing? Get great take-out and bring out the china. Begin some drafts of romantic emails that you might send. Hard for you to do? Take some phrases from your favourite songs to get you started. You can do this!

Posted by Lynda in Healthier Marriages