Respect as part of Love

I think most people would agree that respect is an important part of love. Yet within marriage in our culture, it is so easy to fall into disrespect in so many ways. Some ways for you to watch out for are the marriage jokes that demean the value of your relationship. Or when you make a decision on your own without consultation that was really a “we” decision. Or not supporting and encouraging each other in your professions (making light of the trials that your partner experiences at the office).Or comparing your partner with other men or women or flirting with others within or outside of your partner’s presence. ┬áDisrespecting your common space by leaving things around for your partner to clean up after you. Using sarcasm as a legitimate putdown instead of communicating your complaint, interrupting each other – there are many more that you can think of. We become committed to each other in relationships to feel loved, chosen, validated for who we are, and to feel a sense of secure attachment. Respect is an important part of making that happen; disrespect breaks these down. Have a conversation with your spouse and make a recommitment to making respect a higher priority in your relationship today.

Posted by Lynda in Healthier Marriages