Love and Relationships

Love and relationships give real meaning to our lives. We find our fulfilment both in giving and receiving love. It can be seen as the core spiritual issue of humanity. As we have talked about before, it takes time and effort to understand how to love our partners well. It can sometimes be equally difficult to receive love from our partner and others, to actually believe that we ourselves are worthy of love. There have been many messages from childhood as well as cultural messages both to men and to women that make it difficult to accept love and to let it nourish us. We get these same messages from ourselves and that critical voice inside today. Additionally, these messages make it challenging to genuinely love and respect ourselves. As loving ourselves is a prerequisite for loving others well, this is a cycle we want to be continuously growing out of. For the next week, look at love as presenting you with a never ending prospect for self transformation. Enjoy the view and ask yourself what change in the area of love are you are being nudged to make today.

Posted by Lynda in Healthier Marriages