Your Love Language

It is so interesting for me to hear couples who experience themselves as trying to love their partner and their partner’s experience of feeling unloved. Even though we may make sincere attempts to love from our heart, we can really find difficulty in loving one another in our partnerships. Sometimes, it is about our language of love. For instance, if Bob feels loved when his wife does things especially for him, he will want to do the same. So on a cold morning, he may go outside and warm up the car for Sue. She is thankful, but it is not touching her heart because she feels loved by touching and affection. She practices this on Bob and longs for these gestures from him. They are each missing the prime language of love of their partner. Do you know the prime language of love of your partner? Or of your kids? This month’s newsletter explains the 5 languages of love as put forth by Gary Chapman.

Posted by Lynda in Healthier Marriages