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How do you know you are ready for relationship coaching?

You have been trying to change your relationships for some time. You know you don’t just want to settle – you want more in relationships. You may even know what you need to do to get to the place where you have created a relationship bond that is satisfying and being together creates a space that is much more then being apart. You have your goals but you are having a hard time meeting them.

How does Coaching Work?

Coaching supports you by helping to focus you. It helps you to look at where you are and where you dream of being in relationship and how to get you there. Coaching also helps you to look at the picture of your whole life in connection to your relationships and to see how this effects your success in relationships. With Lynda you are working with a bio, psycho, social, spiritual model. You and Lynda will be looking for solutions together as well as identifying sabotaging attitudes and behaviours. Lynda will be sharing her more then 20 years of knowledge and experience working with couples as well as her academic and research education as she guides you to the success that you seek. Growth and opportunity to change takes some practice. Relationships are a journey. You will have homework practice at the end of sessions as a way to move you along the journey.

Coaching is not therapy.

Coaching assumes you are the expert on your life. In coaching you are being supported towards the action that your chosen goals will move you towards. Coaching involves advice and solutions arrived at together. In therapy, the focus is on insight and emotional and early childhood issues that are standing in the way. It is based on a psychological diagnostic manual for a treatment plan. Most people who seek out coaching are good candidates for coaching. However, if our assessment together shows that your goals require therapy, we will move you towards that end.


About Lynda’s Coaching:

As a relationship consultant, Lynda has done one thing very well, according to her clients. What she does strongly is to help those she cares about to flourish in relationships. She guides those who are seeking to succeed and create a great relationship to do so. One thing she believes, if you are committed to relationship success, you will bring it into being. She helps those who coach with her to become more uniquely themselves in relationship to themselves as well as to others. She helps that uniqueness to be voiced in their relationships. The need to love and to attach to one another is a biological imperative and those who are looking for attachment are everywhere. Lynda helps you to have hope and trust as your journey of relationship attachment unfolds.

How do you connect with Lynda in order to talk more about the goals you have and how coaching might help you?

Please send Lynda an email at, letting her know your name, email address and phone number and the reason for your interest in coaching. Let her know some possible times (as well as your time zone) that would work to connect with her by phone.

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